What Is This App?

Learn how to use CIFilters in your code. First, try different filter parameters and review resulting image. After you achieve desired effect - export source code in Objective C.

CIFilter is a considerable part of Core Image network, but it's often not clear what parameters to use to achieve desirable result. App provides the possibility to play with different filter parameters and review results based on sample images as well as images from your album. The resulting image could be saved, emailed or exported to notes. For each filter, code in Objective C could be reviewed and copy-pasted to your app. 

Filters can be applied one over another to find the solution for desired image if it could not be achieved by one filter. 

App can be used as a sophisticated photo enhancer/editor as it provides direct access to all filter parameters.

How To Use

  • Main App screen is a list of filters provided. On this screen you can choose the filter to play with or switch to chaining mode.

  • Each filter has it’s own parameters to play with. Changing filter parameters results in changing filter output. You can review source image on the left and resulting picture on the right. Press the filter title (“push for info button”) to understand parameters meaning.

  • Additional information provided for each filter helps to understand parameters meaning. After achieving desirable filter result you can review full size picture or filter source code in Objective C.

  • On the source review page you can switch between short (default) and full code. Short code briefly describes how to initialize and use CIFilter with chosen parameters when “full code” provides source of entire method of implementing CIFilter to UIImage object.

  • On the filter page you can also choose another source image from the list of predefined images, photos from your album or from camera directly. You can also review full sized output/source images by pressing it.

  • On the main page you can switch app in chaining mode that means that filters will be applied one over another. 

  • In chaining mode filters order and switch state (On/Off) is important, as output of each filter is the source for the next. You can reorder/turn filters by pressing Edit button or by just swiping filter name to the left.

  • Send or save your code